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How Can I Lower My Flood Insurance Cost?

If you think you're in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)/high-risk zone, find a reliable land surveyor in your community and get an elevation certificate. The new rules require elevation certificates for ALL homes regardless of the date built. Since most Palo Alto homes were built before 1998 this means any sale of these homes will require a certificate.

Why do I need an elevation certificate?

Without one you will pay $6500 or more for flood insurance. With an elevation certificate, you pay $500 to $2000 for the same property in the Bay Area. A Florida couple bought a home and closed escrow thinking they were going to pay $1500. The final rate ended up being $12,000. They are suing. New disclosures are needed.

So get your elevation certificate in time and contact Insurance by Allied Brokers to avoid huge unwanted insurance costs.

Call us @ 650-328-1000 and save now!

How do I get an elevation certificate?

Find a land surveyor immediately. They are going to get really busy, so act fast if you want to work with the best ones. To learn how to search for a land surveyor and get an elevation certificate, visit our How to find a Surveyor page.

Okay, what next?

Get to know your insurance options. Depending on the elevation of your structure, different paths may lead to different premium rates for the same or modified coverage. If you have your elevation certificate, contact us at (650) 328-1000 to know about most optimal insurance options for you.

Apart from these:

  • Higher deductibles might lower your premium.
  • Consider incorporating flood mitigation into your remodeling or rebuilding.
    • Building or rebuilding higher will lower your risk and could reduce your premium.
    • Consider adding vents to your foundation or using breakaway walls.
  • Talk with local officials about community-wide mitigation steps.

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