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Getting an Elevation Certificate

Getting an elevation certificate is important if you want to determine the accurate premium rates you would be paying, based on BW-12 reforms. Not getting an elevation certificate in time can also cause the flood insurance to go up by 400%. Find and hire a surveyor, and get an elevation certificate as soon as possible, so you can save yourself from spending a fortune on your flood insurance.

Download this flyer to learn why getting an Elevation Certificate is important. Call us immediately once you get your elevation certificate, and save yourself from unnecessary rate increases.

Call us @ 650-328-1000 and save now!

Finding a Surveyor

Finding the right surveyor should be easy, just make sure you find them in time so you don't have to wait on a long line of property owners later.

California Land Surveyors Association has a dedicated search engine for finding land surveyors based on your location, the surveyor's specialty, etc. Here are step-by-step instructions to finding a land surveyor for you.

Visit CLSA's Find a Surveyor page.

  • If you want to search for a surveyor within a specific neighborhood, enter the first 3 digits of the location's zip code.
  • If you want to find a surveyor specialized in a certain area of practice, use the drop down menu to select the specialty.
  • If you're looking for the details of a particular surveyor in town, enter one of the required details (first name, last name, company, city, PLS# or RCE#).
  • Hit “Search” and you'll get a list of surveyors matching your criteria along with their contact information.

Be quick to find your surveyor and get your elevation certificate right away. Larry Lincoln is one of the reputable surveyors who has helped us with these for many years. You can call him at 408-667-4102 or email him at These surveyors will be busier than ever before, so call early.

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