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How Protected Is Your Home?
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Homeowners Insurance Tips for First-Time Buyers
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Recent changes that you should be aware of if you have a policy with one of these companies - GeoVera Earthquake, and Allied Insurance.

GeoVera Earthquake - raised premiums as much as 50% for some customers. - raised their rates 20% or more.

Allied Insurance - will be raising their rates 10% for most customers. Allied will also be joining the CEA next year for EQ coverage. This maybe a big rate increase for you.

We try to call everyone that gets more than a 10% increase but its hard to keep up when it happens to 500 policies at once. So, call us immediately to discuss your options.
Homeowners Insurance Tips for First-Time Buyers
The first thing you need to do when you buy a new home is to consider homeowner's insurance. Allied Brokers will take you through that, but there are a few pointers about homeowner's insurance you should be aware of. Homeowners Insurance comprises four parts - Structure, Personal Belonging, Liability and Living Expenses.

Structure refers to payment for repairs to actual damage to the house from natural conditions like hail, lightning or a hurricane, or from fire. However this policy will not cover flood and earthquake damage which will have to be bought separately if required.

Personal Belongings covers all property within the house against theft and destruction. The typically recommended amount of purchase should be 50% to 70% of the structure amount. If you have special items to be protected, mention this to the broker.

Living Expenses provides coverage for you and your family should you have to reside elsewhere if your home is rendered unlivable or while it is being rebuilt because of destruction or some other calamity.

Each family has its own needs so discuss with your broker the kind of distribution coverage that best suits your family. Your broker is there to guide you and answer your questions.

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Client of the Month
Client of the MonthKathie Christie and
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How Protected Is Your Home?
Every homeowner plans his insurance. A home is one of the biggest investments a person makes in his lifetime and if something should happen to it, the damage to a family's future could be irreparable. We all know about the risk of fire, theft and, depending on where you live, things like earthquakes and floods. These are all "expected" tragedies. Expected does not mean that you are waiting for them to happen, it means that you are aware of the dangers. But what of the unexpected? You would be surprised at the kinds of risks your home is exposed to.

How Can Unexpected Be Defined?

There are some things that are most unlikely to happen - almost impossible. Things such as an asteroid landing directly on your home. Or enemy aliens vaporizing your house with a "Destructo-Beam." But what about being in the shower and have the roof of your home shoot off like a rocket? No, this is not a scenario from a cheap science fiction movie. It really happened. Last September a home owner in Palo Alto was finishing his morning shower when he heard a loud boom, saw flames and smelled smoke. He looked around in shock, not knowing what had happened. Or at least he didn't know until he looked up and saw the sky where his roof should have been. Before he could owner react to what had happened, he realized his home was in flames and he was lucky to be able to escape through the bathroom window. Fortunately, his wife and kids were not at home when this happened.

Investigators later determined the cause to be a gas explosion. The source of the gas? A leaking gas line under the slab foundation of the home. This was a common building practice in Palo Alto in the mid-1900s. The homeowner never even knew of the risk and the occasional smell of gas was dismissed as coming from a dirty diaper pail. This is the kind of thing that can be called unexpected!

How Do You Guard Against The Unexpected?

You could live in a reinforced steel and concrete structure with no gas, electricity (a common cause of fires) or water (have you seen the damage a burst water pipe can cause?). Of course if you lived like this, the quality of your life would be not worth mentioning. Alternatively, you could go in for home insurance. Already have it? Most homeowners do. But how well are you covered? What do you insure against? Dinosaurs coming back to life and crushing your home? Having a space warp transport it to another dimension? The roof blowing off while you shower?

There are insurance agents who will try and sell you coverage against nearly anything. After all, the more risks you have coverage against, the larger your premium and the more their commission. It is possible to insure to the point of diminishing returns - the point where your insurance becomes so big, cumbersome and unwieldy that it is a burden rather than a protection.

You Need Professional Advice

By professional we do not mean a detailed knowledge of insurance products and coverage options - although that is what Allied Brokers has. Nor do we mean telling you to take insurance against every possibility, no matter how remote, to the point of diminishing returns - with our reputation we could probably do it successfully, but we never have and never will. We mean insurance advice that will analyze your risks in a down to earth manner, tell you where you stand and what more you need to do to protect your home in a way that gives you the insurance coverage you need without emptying your bank account.

That's what Allied Brokers has been doing for 50 years. We like to think it's because of the way we approach insurance and the interests of our clients that we have been around for so long. And that is the reason why we will never change the way we work. Insurance is based on trust the trust that a client has that the insurance he is getting gives him the protection he needs at a fair cost. That's a trust we will never betray.

Why not contact Allied Brokers to talk about your insurance needs? Click on to go to our website and have a look at the range of insurance services we offer. Click on to learn specifics about home insurance. Or use the Contact Us page of the website to get all our contact details.


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